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Professional Training in
Emotional Freedom Techniques

               Welcome to the Phoenix EFT Web site.

On these pages you can find out about our upcoming range of EFT courses
that will teach you the EFT technique, how to apply it to yourself, your friends and family or, if you are a practising healthcare professional, your clients.

In the last 5 years we have trained over 900 students. Many of our
students have gone on to become full time EFT practitioners.

All of our courses have between 6 to 20 students maximum.

EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique – a simple technique of defusing the emotional issues which we all carry
 and which profoundly affect how we view, think about and react to the world in which we live.

With our EFT training you can heal a wide range of issues for yourself and others
including: Phobias, General Anxiety, Traumatic memories, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
Addictive behaviour to food, cigarettes, alcohol, Eating Disorders, Panic Attacks, Low self-esteem,
Depression, Compulsions, Grief, Physical pain, Asthma and many more.

If you are looking for an EFT practitioner to heal your issues now, please click here.

EFT is a fairly new, developing therapy and is not subject to regulation by any one controlling body in the UK.

We are AAMET registered Level 3 Trainers in Meridian Energy Therapies which includes EFT and the techniques which are developing from it. AAMET is the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Therapies. We have been very careful in designing all of our courses to fulfil the criteria required by AAMET for training in the UK. We have also had our Level 2 (Practitioner) course validated by IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International) and our graduates are acceptable as fully insured members of IPTI.

Our courses are designed for people with a range of skills from absolute beginner to practising professional in other fields who wishes to expand their therapeutic skills. We promise you professional and thorough tuition in this powerful therapy at all levels taught and also support through the assessment stages of Level 2 and for as long as you need it. Advice and support on business, ethical and legal issues are also given for those who have not set up a practice beforeeftlogo.   

Course Fees:

      • Level 1 (Fundamentals)            1 day:    120.00 per person
      • Level 2 (Practitioner)               2 days:   220 per person
      • Level 3 (Advanced Practitioner) 2 days :  250 per person

(this includes the examination and assessment fee for
Level 2 AAMET Practitioner Certificate)

(please see the Level 2 and 3 notes about the Continuous Professional
Development requirements of becoming an EFT Practitioner)

Some comments from students:

I attended your level 1 course a few weeks ago and was so impressed. Seeing EFT in action and
experiencing it for myself was actually a life changing experience. I came away wondering if some trainees
had been planted as actors on order to create what seemed like magic.”

 “The course was very well structured and presented. The demonstrations and audience participation was good, too!”

“Following the level 1 course last week I have had  100% FANTASTIC results! I must admit that I was a bit cynical at first,
but I'm really shocked and surprised, and keep wanting to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming! “

“A totally fantastic concept that really works.  A very enjoyable day.  I can’t wait to do Level 2.”

“Your course was inspirational”

First, let me say how much we enjoyed the course on Sat, both in terms of content and how well both Philip and Christine
presented the material. I have been a psychotherapist for 25 years and that was the fastest phobia removal I've seen!!


Would you like to learn how to do this?
Would you like to help yourself, friends, family or clients to clear unwanted emotional debris?
Would you like to see the relief and joy which people experience as they lose years of emotional baggage and gain a sense of peace within themselves?

Our courses will show you how to do this. It is easier than you think.

Emotional Freedom is there for the taking.

Do you want to be free?


  To see details of our upcoming courses, click HERE.

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