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Phoenix EFT Therapies and Training
A Complementary & Holistic Approach to Transformational
Healing and Personal Development

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a_PhilipChris2Welcome to the Phoenix EFT Therapies and Training Web site.

Our aim as therapists and therapy trainers is to work with you
 to help you to improve your emotional health and general
well-being, to empower you and help you reach your
full potential in all aspects of your life.


We are located in Solihull, Birmingham and we offer one-to-one therapy sessions, training in EFT, Reiki and Picture Tapping along with a range of
Continuous Professional Development courses for therapists.


EFT Therapy and Training (Tapping)
EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique and it involves tapping on acupressure points points combined with focused affirmation work to reach and release deeply seated issues.  This leads the way to release of emotional and physical disturbances

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Reflexology Therapy

reflexology2_smallReflexology uses gentle manipulation and massage of pressure points
(reflexes) on the feet to facilitate relaxation and stress reduction through the whole body.

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Reiki Therapy and

Reiki is a gentle, relaxing whole body technique using universal energy to promote well-being.

We also teach Reiki at all levels up to “Master Teacher” level. 


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Reproductive Reflexology

Pregnancy_Test_smallA new, specialised form of Reflexology which works powerfully with the reproductive system to assist conception, whether natural or using forms of IVF.

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Continuous Professional Develoment Courses

Picture Tapping Technique: The Picture Tapping Technique is an add-on to other ’Tapping’ Techniques. It is a fusion between Art Therapy and Energy Psychology...

Moving into Professional Practice: Run twice per year. One day group session covering all aspects of launching and running a sole-practitioner business in holistic therapies.

Anatomy and Physiology: An introductory level course designed to extend and enhance knowledge and understanding of Human Anatomy and Physiology and also to tie in this knowledge with understanding of the subtle energy systems of the body.

Other CPD Courses Including Mentoring

aamet_logo_smallMembers of the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques

cnhc_smallMember of the Complementary National Healthcare Council

ipti_logo_smallMembers of the Independant  Professional Therapists lnternational

arr_logo_smallMember of The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists

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