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About Christine & Philip

Christine Sutton Practitioner and TrainerChristine Sutton

British Reflexology Association
Association of Reproductive Reflexologists
UK Reiki Federation, Master Teacher
AAMET, Master Trainer of Trainers
IPTI , Advanced Practitioner and Trainer.

I am Christine Sutton. My aim is to work with you to improve your emotional state and sense of well-being. All healing must come from within and I can help you to find the best way forwards for yourself. 

I have been a holistic therapist since 2004 and have worked successfully with a wide range of clients and their problems, and the vast majority have reported substantial improvement in the way that they feel. My background is in medical research and subsequently I worked in Chiropody/Podiatry for several years before becoming interested in a more holistic approach to healing.

I work with a range of therapies, either separately or in combinations tailored for each client with their full agreement. My primary healing tool is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) but I often mix and match this with Reiki or Reflexology depending on the needs of each client during each consultation. I also train students in EFT and Reiki and have had the privilege of watching many of my students blossom and grow as they gain confidence and experience. They go on, in their turn, to touch the lives of many more people than I could reach alone. I am so grateful for the choices and chances that have led me to what I do now. It has been and continues to be the journey of a lifetime.

Everyone’s healing pathway is as unique as they are; let me help you to find your own way towards your place of personal peace.


Philip Davis Practitioner and TrainerPhilip Davis

EFT Advanced Practitioner
AAMET Master EFT Trainer
 IPTI , Advanced Practitioner and Trainer
PTT Technique developer.

Philip is a Master Trainer and Advanced Practitioner in EFT and is dedicated to help you resolve your problems.  His goal is to help you to brighten your outlook, calm your fears and  remove your anxieties.

He believes very strongly in self-empowerment. Your healing pathway is very personal. It is his aim to help you along the way and to empower you to resolve your issues so that you cope more easily with all that life has to offer.

Many years ago, Philip discovered that he was able to help people to feel better.  This healing ability was formalised when he was Reiki attuned.  For the next few years, he enjoyed some success as a Reiki healer.   However, he felt in his bones that Reiki was not the end for him, as far as healing went.

Over the years he researched a number of healing methods and eventually discovered EFT which has proved to be the most versatile, powerful and user-friendly tool to aid transformation and personal development that he has come across.

Every day, he is awed by the effectiveness of EFT and as practitioner and trainer he has seen it touch and change the lives of so many people.

If you are experiencing anxiety or depression in your life, give Philip a call for a free discussion about how EFT can help you!

Feel free to either phone or eMail Christine or Philip for more information on any of the therapies or to book an appointment.  Contact.

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