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ADVANCED PTT Course Details

Picture Tapping Technique (PTT) Combining Art Therapy and Energy Psychology.This is an online course for those people who have already taken the standard PTT course

  This course is designed (and is only available) for those who have already taken the standard PTT Foundation course.

It is designed to take PTT practitioners and students skills up to the next level. It includes all the latest thinking, all the ideas and ways that past students have used PTT - plus of course all the new developments and more from Phoenix EFT.

What do you get?

  • A 60+ page manual sent to your address.
  • A certificate of completion
  • All the phone and eMail support you need - not time limited.

Online Courses:

The Online Teleclass course in Advanced Picture Tapping takes place over 4 sessions, each runs for 2 hours each session (including a break!).


Each part of this course runs on the same day every week - usually a Thursday - and starts at  7:30pm UK time - that is USA 2:30pm Eastern Time and 1:30pm Central and 11:30am Pacific in the USA. That is 8:30pm Central European time.


In order to participate in this course, Students must use the free Zoom webinar software from your computer or tablet (more details after registration), and a reasonably fast Broadband connection. This Zoom software is like Skype, its free and very easy to use. You may also connect by downloading the free Apple or Android App.


All you need to take part is some PTT pens and blank paper for the practices.


In Person Courses. 

The In-Person courses all take place at our Solihull Therapy and Training premises.


The course is 2 days in duration and is usually over a weekend. Each day runs from 10:00am to 5:00 pm with a morning and afternoon coffee break and of course lunch. 



Here is what you will learn:

Intros and sharing:

    Introduction to this course
    Students experiences with PTT since the first training

PTT Methods:

    Other Questions for when PTT gets stuck
        - Some ideas to get you started - and more.

    Working with clients that are new to PTT

    The Client Directed Process
        - Giving your clients the freedom to express themselves.

    More on Directed Drawings

        - Some ideas to try with children and older children¬

    Using PTT with the Emotional Scale

        - Ways of using the scale to address issues.

    Using PTT with the Limiting Beliefs Sheet

        - Ways of using the Limiting Beleif sheet with clients, groups and yourself

    Using PTT to talk to the Body

        - A very useful technique for physical issues and as a metaphor for emotional issues

    Future Pacing with PTT

        - How to address future goals, for your clients and yourself.

    Working on your own issues with PTT.

        - How to, some ideas and trhe latest thoughts.

Picture Interpretation:

    Sharing Picture Interpretation with the client

       - Discussion about the Pros and Cons.

    More on Picture Interpretation

        - lots more, with examples.

Ways of Working:

    Working with Visually Impaired clients

        - suggestions on ways to work with these clients

    Working Surrogately with PTT

        - How to, and more.

    Other forms of Picture Tapping

    PTT By Video

    - how to set up and run a professional online PTT session with clients. 



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