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skeletonHuman anatomy and Physiology
for Energy Therapists

We offer this course both to our own EFT, PTT and Reiki students and also to other
therapists who have trained elsewhere. You are always very welcome.

1 day Training, 10am-5.30pm. Run twice per year.
Costs: 75.00

Venue: Phoenix House, Solihull, West Midlands

This course is offered as a CPD course by Christine Sutton, an experienced therapist and therapy trainer (Essential Freedom Therapies and Phoenix EFT)

It is an introductory level course designed to extend and enhance knowledge and understanding of Human Anatomy and Physiology and also to tie in this knowledge with understanding of the subtle energy systems of the body and explore how traumas and emotional conflicts manifest into the physical body as symptoms and disease states.



Course Content: 

Module 1: A Human Being-Levels of Organization, The Basics of Life.

Module 2: Support and Movement-Skeletal and Muscular Systems

Module 3: Processing of Food and Fluids-Digestive and Urinary Systems

Module 4: Circulation of Materials-Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

Module 5: Protection-Integumentary and Immune Systems

Module 6: Control and Communications-Nervous and Endocrine systems; the Heart Field

Module 7: Reproduction and Survival-Reproductive System

Module 8: Health and Disease- Stress and Relaxation; The encoding of trauma; Over reactions of the Stress response; Role of thoughts/emotions; Manifestation into the physical level; Engaging the flow

A full colour manual is supplied plus CPD certification.

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