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aamet_logo_smallGeneral EFT Course Information

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Detailed below is some brief information about our EFT Training courses. 
More information for each level of training can be found by following the relevant links in the text below.

EFT Courses: Our EFT courses are designed for people with a range of skills, from absolute beginners to practising professionals in other modalities who want to include EFT in their practice as an extra tool for the therapeutic toolkit.

 1 EFT Level 1   Foundation Level 

  • Suitable for complete beginners or those with a limited knowledge of the technique as a self-help tool
  • Level 1 training is also the first step towards EFT Practitioner certification for those who want to work professionally with EFT.
  • Learn how to apply basic EFT for yourself, family and friends
  • Possible pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Limitations of work at this level 
  • For more detailed information on EFT Level 1 training: More Details

 2 EFT Level 2     Training for EFT Practitioner level  

  • Suitable for those who have already taken EFT Level 1 training (or equivalent) and who have put in some private study and practice time with the technique
  • Extends use of EFT as a self-help tool and is the next step towards achieving EFT Practitioner certification.
  • Extends theoretical knowledge of origins of issues and how EFT works
  • Extends range of techniques which can be used
  • Includes working with minimum emotional pain and use of gentle techniques
  • Extends questioning and reframing skills
  • Includes working by phone or in online sessions
  • Legal and ethical aspects of EFT practice.
  • Post course assessments and supervision required to gain EFT Practitioner certification and accreditation with AAMET

For more detailed information on EFT Level 2 training: More Details

 3 EFT Level 3  Training for Advanced EFT Practitioner level

  • Suitable for those who have completed Level 3 training and have gained at least 12 month`s experience working at that level.
  • Explores origins of client issues in depth
  • Extends theoretical knowledge of trauma induction and effects on body and mind
  • Extends practical skills with cutting edge techniques
  • Extends practitioner skills
  • Explores EFT in specialist practice.
  • Post course assessments and supervision required to gain Advanced EFT Practitioner certification and accreditation with AAMET,

For more detailed information on EFT Level 3 training: More Details

Repeating Courses:
Once you have paid for any
level of training you are welcome to repeat that level as many times as you wish - provided we have spaces available on the course.

This is a very popular option for students who want more experience or a refresher before taking the next level of training.
 Pricing is 35.00 per day for existing students. New students are charged at 50% of standard course fee.


Mentoring/Supervision Days: Open to Levels 2 and 3.
Under the AAMET Guidelines, Practitioners (including Trainers and Trainers of Trainers) who are seeing clients one-to-one or in groups (or training groups) are required to have an absolute minimum of at least six hours Mentoring/Supervision each year with a colleague practising at the same, or preferably a higher, EFT level. 

We offer phone or in person mentoring to all of our students. Individual mentoring sessions may be arranged by appointment and we also hold up to 4 Group mentoring/supervision  days per year which are open to level 2 and 3 students who wish to expand their understanding and experience

For more detailed information on Supervision/mentoring sessions: Click here

support_groupCourses for Groups and Organisations 
Phoenix EFT are able to give talks/demonstrations or complete training sessions to Level 1, 2 or 3 for specialised groups throughout the UK.

We are able to tailor the content to be of value to your specialised group.  Examples are Therapists, Medical Staff, support groups for specific psychological or medical conditions, sales teams, work-related teams, athletics and sports clubs.

Fees are negotiable depending on group size and location.

More Details.  

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