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Training to EFT Master Trainer Level

This Trainer level course is open to candidates seeking Training,
Certification and Accreditation with the AAMET at EFT Master Trainer Level.

aametLogoThis course is fully compliant with all of the current AAMET requirements for training and certification as an EFT Master Trainer.
On completion of the course and all assessments initial certification is awarded at Certified Trainer, NQT (Newly Qualified Trainer) level.

With this level of certification candidates can upgrade on the AAMET website to “Accredited Certified Trainer, NQT”

A minimum of 12 months working and undergoing supervision at that level is then required before upgrade to Accredited Certified Master Trainer level can be completed.

a_PhilipChris2 Overview of EFT Master Trainer Course:

This course is presented in modular apprenticeship form.

Each module consists of an assignment as preparation for the module, at least 3 hours interactive time (in person or as interactive webinar) dealing with the theory and practice of that module and then completion of assignments which relate to that module and which extend the material already covered.

Online Supervision sessions are also included for feedback on assignments and further discussion of topics.

Module 1: Learning styles and theory
Module 2: Lesson Planning and Course Preparation
Module 3: Communications and Course Delivery
Module 4: Assessment and Development
Module 5: Legal and Ethical Framework for Training
Module 6: Business Aspects
Module 7: Assessments (Presentation of topics and demonstrations)

Module 8: Apprenticeship Activities.
Taken after certification and registration with AAMET at Accredited Certified Trainer (NQT) level.

The Fee for the course is 125.00 per module. Total fee is 1000.00.
Fee for course can be paid in stages as each module is undertaken.

Note: For candidates who already have qualifications and experience in training/teaching/presentation roles the total course fee is reduced to 600.00

The Fee for course can be paid in 8 stages as each module is undertaken.

Click here to download the Detailed Course Schedule.

Click here to download the Master Trainer Application Form.

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Entry Requirements for Master Trainer Level training:

Candidates for this level of training must:

  • Have trained through the AAMET system either with Phoenix EFT or other AAMET Accredited Master Trainers to Advanced EFT Practitioner level.
  • Currently hold AAMET membership at Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner level.
  • Candidates who have qualified under the old AAMET system (pre-2014) but have not yet gained accreditation at AP level are advised to apply immediately for accreditation at that level. Please ask us for more information if you need to do this.
  • Have gained at least 12 months experience working professionally with EFT in a wide range of situations since completing training and certification at EFT Advanced Practitioner level.
  • Hold appropriate insurance for working professionally with EFT.

For more information or to request a course schedule and application form please Contact Us

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