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Healing and Personal Development

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Talks and Training for Specialised Groups

EFT is an extremely versatile and simple to use technique which can really enhance the wellbeing of anyone who chooses to learn how to use it. Only very basic knowledge is required to experience results and group work can be extremely effective.

Emotional freedom is there for the taking.
There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying out EFT.

Phoenix EFT are able to offer a wide range of training sessions and demonstrations of EFT tailored exactly to the needs of your group/organisation.

Approved EFT Training Courses:

We offer a full range of AAMET Approved EFT training courses at Levels 1, 2, 3 which may be useful to therapists already working in the alternative health field who want to add this powerful technique to their range of skills.

EFT Level 1 training is also suitable for people who are interested in working with their own emotional issues and making real progress.

We offer EFT Training courses from our practice in Solihull, West Midlands. We can also arrange a course anywhere within the UK for a minimum of 6 people.

Introductory Sessions:

Individual Introduction: An introduction to EFT can be given on an individual basis during our monthly EFT Tapping Group in Solihull. This group is open to anyone who has an interest in healing work or EFT. 

Please contact us for details, dates or to book a place on a session.

Introductory Sessions for Groups: These are available for any group who would like an introduction to basic EFT techniques. They can last from 1-3 hours as required. They are designed to give an understanding of the basic method of applying EFT to emotional problems or to physical aches and pains and an insight into the potential power and scope of the technique.

Our fees for Introductory sessions for groups are negotiable depending upon desired location of the event.

If you have a group who might be interested and you would like to arrange a session please contact us for more information or to book a date.

Specialised Group Sessions:

EFT has a very wide range of applications in the workplace, education, sports and for support groups helping those with specific emotional and/or physical problems.

We can tailor sessions for specific groups as required.

For example:

EFT and Education:
classroom Applications include:  

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Fear of exams
  • Bullying
  • Behavioural Issues such as anger.
  • Moving outside comfort zones
  • Stress management




EFT and Business
TEAMApplications include:

  • Fear of public speaking
  • Bullying in the workplace
  • Sales performance
  • Moving outside comfort zones
  • Stress management
  • Change management
  • Team bonding
  • Resolving conflicts
  • etc.


EFT and support groups
Applications include: 

  • People dealing with Trauma and/or Abuse
  • Anxiety and Phobia support groups
  • Surgery and body image rehabilitation
  • Serious illness support groups
  • Psychological problems
  • Medical staff stress
  • Carers
  • Etc.



EFT and sports:
Applications include:

  • Clearing past performance trauma
  • Eliminating sports related anxiety
  • Accomplishing mechanical changes in weeks vs. months
  • Enhancing confidence
  • Eliminating doubt and fear
  • Learning assessment and recovery techniques to reduce fatigue
  • Breaking through comfort zones
  • Setting and easily achieving performance goals
  • Releasing mental, emotional, physical, and mechanical blocks





For ongoing in-depth work we can also develop a specialised training package
for your organisation that is relevant, stimulating and needs based.

Fees are negotiable depending on group size and location.
contact us for further details.


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