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EFT Level 1:  Foundations of EFT

Course Duration: From January 2016 2 days (13 hours contact time).
Extra study and practice time is needed before progressing to level 2 training.

Students who have completed the Level 1 course may repeat the course for a reduced fee provided there is space on the course.
See Pricing Information for details of course costs.

EFT is based on impressive discoveries about the subtle energy systems of the body and has been clinically effective in thousands of cases of trauma, abuse, panic, anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, low self-esteem, addictions and self-image problems. It is also very effective in working with the symptoms of even severe diseases as many of these are rooted in emotional disturbance. It has been estimated that over 85% of people will notice some improvement in emotional and/or physical symptoms even with a very basic application of EFT.


This Level 1 training course will give you an understanding of the technique at a basic level and enough practice time to begin to use it to work on your own issues or those of other people where appropriate.

This Course is open to:

  • People who are new to this approach to working with physical and emotional problems and who are interested in using EFT for self-help purposes.
  • People who are thinking of moving into energy work at a professional level
  • People who are already qualified in other therapy modalities and are looking for more tools for their therapeutic tool-kit.

    Please note that you are recommended to complete all requirements for both level 1 and level 2 training before considering moving into professional practice with EFT.

a_PhilipChris2Training with Phoenix EFT:

All of our training is done in a relaxed environment in small groups of 4-8 students. 

  • Each student is given as much support and one to one attention as they require at each stage of training. This gives a more satisfying and complete experience for our students than working in larger groups can offer.
  • We offer full email and telephone back up and support to all of our students at all levels of training and experience. Students are never left feeling isolated and alone after training.
  • We offer regular opportunities to expand knowledge and practical expertise through our Practice and Mentoring days and CPD courses.
  • Therapeutic support is also offered at a reduced rate to any of our students who may need professional help to clear some of their problems before moving on. This is a superb opportunity to be on the receiving end of professional level EFT which can greatly enhance understanding of the scope and power of the technique.
The Structure of Level 1 training:

Phoenix EFT Level 1 training complies fully with the requirements of AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques).

Course Duration: Currently 1 day (6.5 hours contact time)
Extra study and practice time is needed before progressing to level 2 training.

Iincludes refreshments and attendance certificate.
Students who have completed the Level 1 course may repeat the course for a reduced fee provided there is space on the course. 

See Pricing Information for cost details.

Syllabus for Level 1 Training Day:


  •  The theory behind EFT, its history and its links with other holistic therapies such as Acupuncture, Acupressure and Kinesiology
  •  Discussion of the Range of dis-eases that can be healed using EFT (emotional and physical)
  •  When it is not appropriate to use EFT at this level of expertise and referral to appropriate professionals
  •  The importance of Hydration for energy work
  •  The basic but complete method of applying the technique to yourself and to other people
  •  The way to formulate affirmations for use with the technique
  •  Identification and Isolation of issues and their aspects
  •  The importance of being “specific”
  •  The SUDS and VOC scales for rating the current intensity of a problem
  •  Shortcuts to the process
  •  Dealing with different aspects of a problem
  •  Dealing with excessive intensity
  •  EFT for cravings-the first stage of addiction work
  •  EFT for Physical symptoms-Chase the Pain
  •  EFT for Event level work – The Movie technique
  •  Key Questions for level 1
  •  How to assess progress with the issue you are tackling
  •  How to test whether you have successfully dealt with the problem
  •  Psychological Reversal-the resistance to change
  •  What it means when no progress is apparent and how to overcome resistance
  •  Demonstrations of EFT, working live with real issues from the class
  •  Borrowing Benefits and Group work
  •  Supervised One to one practice sessions to try out the techniques
  •  Introduction to self-work-the Personal Peace Procedure

To see dates and booking information for Level 1 training please click here. 

Day 1, Introduction to EFT, can be taken as a standalone course for people who are interested in EFT for self-help purposes only.

Day 2 , Foundations of EFT, expands the information and practice given during Day 1 so that EFT can be given to other people informally as well as used for self-help.

Both Day 1 and Day 2 must be taken to complete EFT Level 1 training to AAMET standards.

EFT Level 1 training must be completed before moving on to training at Level 2 and professional levels.