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Nail biting.  A one minute wonder!

A published article by Philip Davis.


I thought I would like to share with you something that happened on a Level 1 course we were giving here in the UK recently.

We were coming up to the first break of the morning and had 10 minutes before the coffee was ready. So I asked if anyone had an issue they wanted working on, and a lady in her mid-30’s said that she bit her nails and wanted to stop. Questioning her, she said that she had bitten them all her life.

So, as an experiment, I did one round of EFT on her. Even though I bite my nails… I did the complete Basic Recipe exactly as described in the EFT Manual.

She didn’t bite her nails at all for the remainder of the day.

Some 2 months later, she came back to do the Level 2 course with us. On the first morning she came up to me and said… “Look!!! (as she drummed her nails on the desk) I haven’t bitten my nails from that day to this. I have had to learn how to file my nails now!!” The big grin on her face was priceless.

I love EFT.

Philip Davis