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reiki-kanjiTransparentTest2Reiki 3b Training and Attunements

Please note that all Reiki courses are compliant with the suggested Guidelines for Reiki training given by the UK Reiki Federation. The Practitioner training has been verified against the current National Occupational Standards for Reiki and is approved by the UK Reiki Federation

Training is given at 4 levels:
First Degree  -  Second Degree  -  Master Practitioner   -   Master Teacher

Part B: Master Teacher Level.

2 training days, 10.00-5.30 pm. 2-6 students per course followed by
6 months “Apprenticeship” period (Ongoing contact and training exercises) followed by
1 Completion training day

Next Master Teacher Attunements:


Course Structure:
This is, initially, a 2 day course suitable for any Reiki student who has already attained Reiki Level 3 (Master/Advanced) and who now wishes to expand their understanding of Reiki and the use of more advanced techniques and apply it to teaching other students.

The initial 2 day course is followed by a 6 month Apprenticeship period and 1 final day to complete the training.

Note that the Apprentice period and Completion Day training are necessary to complete this level. The Master teacher certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of all elements.

Requirements for students:

Previous completion of all Reiki Level 3A requirements.

A minimum of 2 years experience working at Practitioner/Advanced Practitioner level. This may be in paid or unpaid practice.

Full compliance with all legal and ethical requirements for professional practice including provision of suitable insurance cover.

Please note that most CAM insurers require you to have a basic teaching qualification before they will insure you as a teacher/trainer. If you do not already hold a qualification for teaching adults suitable courses (Delivering learning to Adults e.g. City and Guilds 7302) are available at various levels through local Further Education colleges. You are advised to source and undertake this training in parallel with your Reiki Level 3B training and apprenticeship.

I willingly accept students who have trained with other masters as long as you meet these requirements but will either phone or meet you for a chat to get to know you, and to see what you have already covered during your previous training courses. You may be required to submit case studies if you have not trained with me before.

The Complete Master Teacher Course includes:

  • Review of topics covered at Levels 2 and 3 for each student to ensure that everyone has the necessary techniques in place to proceed
  • Reiki Lineage
  • More on the Energy system of the body
  • Advanced Reiki Meditation techniques
  • Introduction of the Tibetan Symbols
  • Master Attunement to the new symbols
  • Introduction and practice of the Violet Breath technique
  • Healing Attunements – theory and practice
  • Values, Attitudes and Spiritual Orientation for Reiki Mastery
  • Reiki 1 Attunement – theory and practice
  • Reiki 2 Attunement – theory and practice
  • Reiki 3A Attunement –theory and practice
  • Reiki 3B Attunement –theory and practice
  • Empowerments
  • Review of other Reiki types
  • Voluntary Self-regulation
  • National Occupational Standards – awareness and implementation of the NOS into the teaching of Reiki
  • Review of all legal standards and requirements for practice and teaching
  • Assessment of potential students
  • Basic Teaching Techniques
  • Course structure and development of teaching resources
  • Extensive observation of Attunement courses and co-teaching practice

    To complete Level 3B:

You are required to continue your journal of your self- treatments including your use of the symbols and any experiences or new insights that you gain during your self- treatments. This is for your use only but your experiences may prompt questions that you may raise with your Master Teacher. This constitutes part of your Continued Personal and Professional Development (CPD).

Following the 2 day training course there will be a minimum of 30 hours subsequent training over a minimum of 6 months (Apprenticeship period) to allow sufficient practice and experience and the development of sufficient confidence and resources to undertake independent training of Reiki students. This training may include any or all of the following:

  • Student observation of Reiki training sessions at any level including participating in the teaching at the discretion of the Master Teacher and assistance with supervision of students during practical sessions. (Each training day represents 6 hours contact time)
  • Participation in Reiki share groups.(Each share represents 2-3 hours contact time)
  • Facilitation of Reiki shares including guided meditations, healing circles and empowerments. To be observed by the Master Teacher. (2-3 hours)
  • One to one (phone or in person) or group tutorials with the Master Teacher to include discussion of relevant topics and practice of procedures. (Depends upon the duration of the session)
  • Practice at Attunements of other students, to be observed by the Master Teacher (Depends upon the duration of the session)
  • Treatments of other students or clients, to be observed by the Master Teacher (Depends upon the duration of the session)
  • Presentation of case studies using the format given at level 3A including use of the Tibetan symbols (Total of the time taken for the treatments)
  • You are required to maintain a written portfolio of this training with your comments, observations and reflections on your progress for each activity undertaken so that you can present this to your Master Teacher before your final training day. You will receive feedback and assessment of every activity undertaken which should be included in your portfolio. The portfolio will be returned to you during the final training day.
  • To complete the Master Teacher Level there will be a final training day during which the Apprenticeship period will be reviewed for each student along with discussion of any queries and experiences. The procedure for attuning students to the Master Levels will be taught and practiced. Your Master Teacher certificate will be issued upon completion of this final training day.
  • You are asked to continue to read widely to expand your understanding of Reiki and swap experiences and insights and to attend appropriate courses. This all forms part of your ongoing CPD and each item should be documented.

Please contact me for more information or a booking form, or you may book online using the links at the start of this section.

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