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These training workshops are open to anyone who has successfully completed an AAMET approved Level 2 course or above. Participants are welcome irrespective of where they have received their previous training provided they possess a Level 2 certificate awarded by a recognised trainer or (in the opinion of Phoenix EFT) have sufficient knowledge gained elsewhere that this can be waived. Please note that these cases are assessed on an individual basis.

Picture Tapping Technique training:

The Picture Tapping Technique is a relatively new technique developed by Phoenix EFT.  It has given us and those practitioners who have trialled it some phenomenal results.  To find out about the Picture Tapping Technique, and how it can benefit you, please click here.

The Picture Tapping Technique (PTT) training course – what you will learn:

    • Overview of the benefits of using PTT within a practitioner-client session and also for self-help.
    • The Basic PTT protocol.
    • Client interaction – How to get the best from a PTT session.
    • How to use PTT on global issues, vague issues as well as specific issues. 
    • How to use PTT on physical issues.
    • How to use PTT on emotional issues.
    • Different approaches to using PTT.
    • Stages of the PTT process.
    • Potential problems and solutions.
    • Imaginary PTT.
    • PTT by phone.
    • PTT for groups.
    • PTT for children.
    • PTT for self-help.
    • Surrogate PTT.
    • Picture interpretation:
      • To interpret or not
      • How to go about interpreting pictures
      • Colours and their meanings
      • The meanings behind some of the most common elements found in pictures.
        • Picture Orientation and placement of picture elements
        • Order of picture element placement.
        • Feeling of the drawing
        • Time taken to draw the picture elements
        • People in pictures
        • Trees
        • Houses
        • Oddities
        • Barriers
        • Off the edge of the paper
        • Missing objects or parts.
        • Repeated Objects
        • Abstract pictures
        • Shapes
        • Size
        • Shading
        • Underlining
        • Words on pictures.

P1060177d-smallAn extensive Course manual is supplied, and all attendees receive a certificate of attendance for CPD purposes.

There is a post course test and case study requirement to gain Practitioner registration in PTT.

We always support all of our students and we welcome feedback and questions about PTT.

Please note that we can arrange extra courses at other locations on request for groups of 6 or more.

Please contact us for more details.

For further details on upcoming training courses please click here.


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