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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic (whole person) approach to achieving a state of increased well-being.

Reflexology as a therapy originated several thousand years ago in China and Egypt.  More recently, in the early part of the last century it was introduced throughout the western world and is now widely practiced in most countries. In the UK it is now accepted by the medical profession as a valid complementary therapy and is widely used in hospitals, hospices and oncology departments to support the well-being of their patients.

Reflexology works with the natural energy of the body. This is known as Chi or Ki and, according to the traditions of Eastern medicine, normally flows in an orderly way throughout the body. The normal flow pattern is disrupted whenever injury, illness, poor nutrition or emotional distress are present. Reflexology involves massage of pressure points of the hands, or more usually the feet, which is believed to relieve blockages in the flow and so restore the holistic balance (Body, mind and Soul)

Reflexology Sessions are from 45 minutes to one hour in duration. Cost: 35.00 for one session or 120.00 for a block of 4 sessions.

What can Reflexology be used for?

Reflexology has been successfully used to assist many people on a worldwide basis who present with varied emotional and physical symptoms. It is already widely used within maternity, cancer and end of life care as it is a gentle and safe approach to relaxation and an increased sense of well-being.

We have worked successfully with Reflexology for clients in these situations:

  • Ongoing stress due to work, family situations, relationships and financial problems
  • Pregnancy –Reflexology support (with the doctor`s or midwife`s knowledge) during all stages of pregnancy can be very beneficial.
  • Sub-fertility – this can often be due to underlying emotional distress which may result in hormonal disturbances. There are specific reflexology protocols (Reproductive reflexology) which can really help this situation and have been shown to increase the chance of conception for couples who are struggling.
    Fear based issues
  • Post–operative support for people who have been through various major surgeries.
  • Support and rehabilitation after a stroke or heart attack
  • Support during chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer
  • PMT, menopause and other hormonally driven problems
  • IBS
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • And more! – we may be able to help you.

What Happens During A Reflexology Treatment?

A reflexology session begins with a short, confidential discussion of any health issues or any emotional problems which are relevant. The patient is then seated comfortably in a reclining chair with the shoes and socks removed if the feet are to be treated. No other clothing needs to be removed.
(Please note that clean feet are very much appreciated and wipes will be available for use should you need them.)

The session itself takes 45-60 minutes. It involves the application of pressure from the practitioner’s thumbs and fingers to reflex areas on the feet (or hands) which relate to specific areas of the body and can have profound effects. The aim of the session is to balance the energy flows through the body which allows the natural healing mechanisms to act.

Clients report that most problems will respond to Reflexology within 4-6 weekly sessions. Improvement may be sudden or more gradual so it is worth continuing for the duration of the course your therapist recommends. Subsequently many people find a maintenance level of 1 session every month is enough to maintain wellbeing.

 How Does Reflexology Feel?

As the reflexology treatment progresses you may experience a range of sensations such as warmth, coolness, tingling, buzzing as energy imbalances within the reflex areas of the feet and in the areas of the body to which they relate are reduced.

These sensations are normal and indicate that treatment is working. No two people will experience reflexology in quite the same way and the sensations will vary on different occasions depending on your state of health at the time. Treatment should not be painful and if any areas seem very tender your therapist can adjust the pressure used in treatment to a comfortable level.

Sometimes after treatment when the bodies elimination systems have been stimulated and become more active you may experience minor symptoms as waste material is eliminated (detoxification).

Do not be alarmed by any reactions you experience. They will pass within 24-48 hours. Such reactions sometimes occur after the first reflexology session but may not happen again.

It is important to remember that this is your time to relax and forget the normal pressures of life. Reflexology is capable of producing a deep state of tranquillity, a level between sleep and wakefulness. It is at this level that (if you will allow it) your body can begin to heal itself.

The ability is within you – your body and mind know what is needed to be healthy. All you have to do is relax and listen to the whispers they give you.

You may be surprised how much difference a course of Reflexology can make to how you feel about your health and your life.

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